As an ideas-driven graphic design studio, we attract clients who have a desire and ambition for their products and services to stand out from the crowd. Call it the ‘wow’ factor: the award-winning creative concepts Grade provides, partnered with an understated and elegant approach to the aesthetics of our work, empower our clients and create highly successful, unique and memorable design solutions. This is why we have established so many long-term client relationships, and have emerged as one of the UK’s leading design studios serving the arts, publishing, charitable and commercial sectors designing a wide range of print, display and online media. We specialise in literature, book design, corporate identity, typography and art direction.

Established in 2000, Grade was founded by Peter Dawson and Paul Palmer-Edwards and since then we have earned a strong reputation for our excellence in achieving creative, relevant and successful solutions, which regularly exceed our client’s expectations (having even won some awards along the way). Often commissioned for high-profile projects, we consistently punch above our weight in terms of our work and the range and quality of our services.

A key reason for this is that we are passionate about our work, taking pride in our attention to detail and the enthusiasm we bring to everything we do, regardless of the scale of the project.

We tackle every project by first really understanding our clients’ needs and the challenge of their brief. From there, we go on to consistently produce exciting and relevant design solutions. In our work, we believe in the ‘big idea’ to deliver successful design solutions, whether conceptual or strategic, reinforced by a strong aesthetic and a high level of craft in composition and typography, all of which enables us to deliver outstanding design.

As an owner-managed organisation, when we are commissioned, one of the company partners takes management responsibility for the project, offering experience and skills which directly benefit the client throughout the varying stages of every project and guarantee that all projects are brought in on time and on budget.

During the creative process, client input is essential and invaluable. With the channels of communication always open, and direct contact available for the client to speak with the designer on their project, we can interpret and contribute to a client’s needs more responsively, flexibly and efficiently. Both existing and new clients have commented that they appreciate being able to get an informed and direct answer to their queries and this is one of the many reasons why they have continued to use our services year after year (even decade after decade in some cases).

If you would like to see further work from the Grade portfolio or just wish to discuss your design requirements then please contact us, we would welcome the opportunity to hear from you.